EPIC - European Production & Innovation Conference

EPIC focuses on innovation at festivals and venues, and offers discussions and presentations of products, alongside new ideas and how to implement them at festivals, concerts, venues, and in the production of events.

EPIC is the conference for producers, event organisers, location managers, and distributors, and is organised by and for professionals in the event business. Quality assessments, safety procedures, professionalism and innovation are key aspects of the conference programme.

EPIC presents the latest technological developments in fields such as ticketing, cashless systems, and wireless communication. On top of that, advice and insight into logistics, rigging, sound level management, hearing protection and sustainability are at the heart of EPIC. You will also have the opportunity to hear from experienced (international) tour and production managers, suppliers, distributors, sector associations, start-ups, music venue owners, and festival managers, who will be discussing the present as well as looking at the future of live events.

EPIC is organised in collaboration with VVEM, Open House, SummerLabb, Innofest, Yourope, VNPF, GO Group, Green Events Netherlands and Buma Music Meets Tech.


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